Electives: Digital Storytelling

Elective Introduction


      Imagine if you could bring your imagination to life, make your day dreams about flying appear real, jump like a super hero over skyscrapers, or change the ending to your favorite novel. In our elective-class at Shasta, Digital Storytelling, we will a use range of apps that will allow students to create digital stories with iPads and computers. For more information about our projects, take a close look below at some of the student examples and descriptions of what we’re working on.



Animated Short Stories


For our first projects, students competed in an animated-short video contest. To support their story crafting, we used Google Docs to create digital storyboards and play dough and colored paper to sculpt characters. Our award winners, Mason and Eliel, created the video below.



Creating Book-Trailer Videos


For our second project, students are creating book trailers. Similar to movie trailers, these short videos will be posted on our class webpage and linked to books in the library with QR codes. If students want to learn more about a book in the library, all they’ll have to do is use a mobile device to scan the code -and then enjoy one of these entertaining and informative videos!



Parodies with Green-Screen Tech


Another project that was popular with students is our parody videos! Using green screen technology and sardonic scripts they wrote in class, we shot, edited, and then published our videos in class! Check out the hilarious and witty parody of “fake news” created by Sela and Ashley below.



Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Games


What happened in the games before Katniss and Peeta competed? Read this clever and creative story by Mathias and Ethan to find out!

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