October 2nd-November 23rd

Unit 2: Justice for All!

Lois Bujold once said, “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them.” How do people demand justice? How do detectives determine who is innocent and who is guilty? In Unit 4, students will be solving mysteries by examining evidence from various crimes and ensuring that justice is served!

As a part of our final projects and mock trial from last year, Jacob and Jayden created a newscast that introduced the class to important evidence and facts about the mystery they chose to write an argumentative essay about and solve in class.




In class students will hone their skills for interpreting and logically explaining what evidence shows. By the end of this unit, students will complete four investigative reports in which they present evidence, explain their interpretations, and state a claim to solve a mysteries. Additionally, each student will choose one mystery to write a 3 page, 5 paragraph, formal argumentative essay about. As a culminating final project, students will then present their arguments about who is guilty in our Day of Mysteries special event! To learn more about writing and our final projects, please visit our Investigative Reports and Final Project Update.


Examining Evidence and Forming Interpretations


During this unit students will use text and photo prompts to gather evidence and clues that will help them solve several mysteries. In class students will work in teams to examine evidence, evaluate various writing samples to determine what makes a logical and clear interpretations, and write their own report a several writer’s workshops. Finally, students will have the opportunity to present their findings before their peers and crack our open some mind-bending mysteries!



In the introductory paragraph of his argumentative essay, Da’Mauryay formed a strongly worded claim that he supported with clear logic and specific evidence throughout the rest of his essay.


Learning Targets for this Unit


Over the next month we will focus on three skills: (1) analyzing key details and evidence, (2) writing clear and logical interpretations of evidence and (3) presenting arguments and claims through a range of writing activities.



Online Resources for Unit 2


  1. PowerPoint Slides for Week 1, 10/2/17
  2. Mystery 1, Analyzing Evidence Worksheet
  3. Detective Skills Worksheet
  4. PowerPoint Slides for Week 2, 10/9/17
  5. Mystery 2, Analyzing Evidence Worksheet
  6. Detective Skills Worksheet 2
  7. Constructed Response 1 Packet
  8. PowerPoint Slides for Week 3, 10/16/17
  9. Mystery 3, Analyzing Evidence Worksheet
  10. Mystery 4. Analyzing Evidence Worksheet
  11. PowerPoint Slides for Week 4, 10/23/17
  12. Final Mystery Worksheets
  13. Analyzing Student Examples: The Mystery of Amy LaTour and Anton Karazai
  14. PowerPoint Slides for Week 5, 10/30/17
  15. Rough Draft Revision Checklist
  16. PowerPoint Slides for Week 6, 11/6/17 (coming soon!)
  17. Writer’s Workshop Packet

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